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Mini-Rayonex LC

Mini-Rayonex LC

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Just as the frequency spectrum of the sunlight regulates the vitamin D levels, the pigmentation,...more
Just as the frequency spectrum of the sunlight regulates the vitamin D levels, the pigmentation, or the production of Melanin, there are – according to our experience of 40 years - many other frequency spectra that can trigger regulations in our organism. According to the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, inside the Mini-Rayonex LC the fundamental frequency value of 12,50 of the standard Mini-Rayonex, the fundamental frequency value 10,00 as well as the most important RAH-programs for LC have been integrated. (RAH 09.02; RAH 09.13; RAH 10.41; RAH 22.10; RAH 22.93; RAH 31.10; RAH 31.89; RAH 31.50; RAH 54.00; RAH 32.21). As a portable device, the MINI-RAYONEX LC thus contains both in combination, basic frequency values and RAH programs. About the dipole antenna system of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt there exist very interesting invitro-studies, means whose results have been obtained under laboratory conditions. The studies can be viewed at Application: Simply place the Mini-Rayonex LC lying flat with the label facing upwards near to your body (max. 2 meters distance from the body) – preferably at night during sleep.
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