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RAH.Modul M7 for building biologists

RAH.Modul M7 for building biologists

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RAH.Modul M7 for building biologists

In the context of the cause-oriented treatment approach of bioresonance according to Paul...more

In the context of the cause-oriented treatment approach of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, living environment measurements by building biologists are often the key to lasting treatment success. Because if the patient is subjected to major electrical, magnetic or geopathic interference in his living area, and especially his sleeping environment, effective individual treatments will prove insufficient in the long term: the sources of interference must be reduced in order to achieve lasting treatment success.

To do this, building biologists need measuring devices, and ideally also a portable bioresonance device (Rayocomp PS 10) featuring all the frequency patterns encountered in the workplace.  Since building biologists obviously do not require access to the scope of services covered by all the RAH programs of a M9 or M10 module, mainly to keep costs down, we developed a lightweight RAH module (M7). That way, building biologists can use a RAH module which is accurately tailored to their work.  Module M7 includes all important RAH programs needed to combat electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress and contaminants, not to mention common pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. It comprises a total of 226 RAH programs.

Important notes:

1. Those who have modules M9 or M10 integrated into their Rayocomp PS 10 do not require module M7, as all RAH programs included in module M7 are already covered by modules M9 and M10

2. The Rayocomp PS 10 free software version 47.00 or higher is required in order to enable module M7 

3. Module M7 can also be rented


"RAH.Modul M7 for building biologists"

Further information can be found under the following product headings: Rayocomp PS 10 (Article 2000), Module M 9 (Article 2090), Module M 10 (Article 2092), FM 10 L, Fauser measuring device  (Article 865)

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